Thursday, July 12, 2012

I hang my head in shame. It has been over a year since i have posted because i have not done anything to the truck since I started to remove the grill. I have however recently become the victim of the all to familiar itch to go out and work on it. On the plus side I do have more time to do so now as well as a willing tool retriever in Jodin so maybe we will go out there this week and tinker. I would love to get the tailight panels off as I read today that it requires the drilling of at least 63 spot wields so that could be fun.. I really do want to get going on it. I suppose that I did actually do something for it today, I emailed the folks at Guinness to inquire about finding a vintage Guinness barrel for the fuel tank in the bed. I'm currently running with the idea of turning the truck into a pseudo-bicentennial tribute to Guinness since they were founded in 1759, 200 years before the year my truck was made. I don't know I'm kinda cheesy like that. Maybe I'll go with a really dark brown color on the bottom of the truck with a cream color on top... what do y'all think? I was surprised to learn that around 30 people read this blog every day even though I suck at posting. I really gotta work on that...

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