Saturday, May 15, 2010

First post! Some background

   My name is Jason. I was given a 1959 F100 Custom Cab for my 16th birthday by my parents, 13 years ago.  When it was given to me it came with a running 390 c.i. FE block and a C6 automatic transmission and a 9 inch rear end of unknown gearing. Originally it would have had a 292 c.i. and a 3 speed overdrive but previous owners (POs) had replaced it with the 390 and the C6. Unfortunately this was not done professionally; resulting in a big hole in the trany floor cover and a useless clutch pedal. The body needed/needs significant work with large dents on almost every panel as well as numerous rusty spots. The worst areas are the front cab floor corners and cab mounts, the drivers side taillight panel, the rear bottom corners of the drivers side front quarter panel and a big dent on the passenger bed side. The only panel that won't require intensive metal work is the hood as it appears to have escaped damage in the past 51 years. It also needs new door glass on both sides,  weatherstripping,  bumpers, shocks and springs, a seat, a steering wheel, a shifter, wiring, headlights, paint, an air conditioner/heater, control knobs, a headliner, carpet, armrests, battery tray and battery, ignition system, engine and trany rebuild, gas tank, fuel system, tires, rims, and probably a dozen more things that I am forgetting that would bring it up to stock form.
   That being said, since I have had this truck for 13 years, I have big plans for it.  Eventually it will have a blown 351 Man O' War block from World Industries that will be stroked out as big as possible, a new C6 to go behind it that can handle all of the power of that block, an Atlas Transfer case hooked up to 609 axles front and rear (yes 4x4) either bucket seats and a custom console or a 40-20-40 split bench seat, a tilt and collapsible steering column, and wood bed floor. As far as the body goes, it'll get it share of love. I will shave the drip rails, french flairside style taillights into the rear, create a custom tailgate, raise the top of the bed side rails to match the cabs body lines and widen the taillight panels to flow with the raised bed rails. the paint has yet to be pinned down but I know that it'll have either dark blue or copper on top above the body line and a cream or ivory on the bottom.

   Well thats my truck.... here we go!

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